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This Privacy Policy describes how data is collected and how personal data is used, as a Visitor to the website Ryan Cloud is the ‘Data Controller’ and Ltd (later referred to as ‘Wix’) is the site ‘Host’ and ‘Processor’. Under the General Data Protection Act, we are required by law to notify you of the information contained in this Privacy Policy.



This site uses cookies. Cookies are small pieces of text data stored on a site Visitors browser, which can keep track of the settings users have selected and actions they have taken on a site. In general, cookies are used to help provide a better experience for visitors and to ensure the website and platform are safe to use. Cookies are there to retain user preferences, provide anonymised tracking data and to collect essential information relating to security, monitoring, debugging.

This site uses some non-essential cookies for analytics purposes, through Wix, and other connected third-party applications, to bring you this service. You can choose to disable cookies on this site via the Cookies Consent Banner when visiting the Home page. Alternatively, you can disable cookies through your browser settings. Each browser operates differently and may require specific settings, therefore, it is recommended to visit the Help and/or Settings page of your browser to manage these options. If you would like to view the specific cookies used on any given page of this site, you can use the Inspect element on your browser. For further information, please visit website About Cookies for cookie guidance and detection.


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Embedded content and Links

Elements on this site may include embedded content and/or links to other websites. Embedded content from other websites (including but not limited to videos, photos, etc) may behave in the same way as if the visitor has visited the other website, and the use of cookies or tracking data may be collected and monitored. It is recommended to select and update your cookies preferences on your browser, especially for any subsequent websites visited, as a result of clicking and following a link from this site.



The website ( of the ‘Data Controller’ (Ryan Cloud) is hosted by the ‘Processor’ ( Ltd, later referred to as ‘Wix’). ‘User-of-User’ refers to site Visitors of this website. Wix processes information of both personal and non-personal information of the User-of-Users. For more information on the data stored and how to exercise your rights in correcting, amending or forgetting this information, please see ‘Section 4’ of this Privacy Policy.

1. What type of information is collected?

Any personally identifiable information you knowingly provide, will be received, collected and stored (Name, Email, and any sent Messages, etc). Additional non-personal information will also be collected, such as Visitors session information, engagement and behaviour statistics, page response times, duration of page visits, site referrals, geography location, and information on the interaction of pages (and its elements) through Wix analytics. 

2. How is the information collected?

When contacting directly through the Contact page, the manual input fields require some personal information. Only the Email address and Message field is necessary to complete this action, all other fields are optional. When you share your personal information, as part of this process, it will be stored for reason of reply. Your personal information will be used for this specific reason only. Non-personal statistical information will be acquired through Wix analytics.

3. Why is this information collected?

Non-personal and personal information is collected for the following purposes:

  1. To be able to provide site Visitors with responses to enquiries;

  2. To create statistical data for the improvement of site features and content;

  3. To comply with any applicable laws, law enforcement and regulations.

4. How is Visitors personal information stored, used, shared and disclosed?

Any personal information provided (Name, Email and Message, etc) through the Contact form, will be sent directly via electronic mail, to the email address ryan[at] 

Security measures have been put in place for communication and storage of data, such as use of a firewall, a trusted ISPN, regularly updated passwords to mailbox accounts, and used strictly on password protected devices. Additional measures are in place to prevent data breaches, through accidental loss or theft of any hardware and/or software.

This website is hosted on the Wix platform, which has implemented security measures to protect personal information. Your data may be stored through Wix’s data storage, databases and the general Wix applications. They store your data on secure servers behind a firewall. Users-of-Users information may be collected, processed, shared with third-parties and used by Wix, on our behalf. For more information on the conditions of third-party sharing and how Wix processes, shares and retains your information, we strongly advise Visitors view their Privacy Policy here.

Regardless of the measures taken by ourselves or by Wix, we cannot and do not guarantee the absolute protection and security of personal information of Users-of-Users, including any information you share or publish. If you have any questions regarding the security of this site or the services of Wix, please contact ryan[at] or

5. For how long is your data retained?

Under Wix's User-of-Users policy your data will be retained for as long as this website account is active, and in some cases for longer (for example, if we are legally obliged to keep it longer, or need to protect our interests). Personal information such as Name and Contact details will be kept on file, unless otherwise instructed by the Visitor to amend, restrict, object or give notice to be forgotten. GDPR requires that you may exercise any of these rights.

6. Communicating with site Visitors

If a site visitor has provided details via the Contact page with an enquiry, in the first instance, they will be replied to via electronic mail. If additional information is provided via the website (or shared externally through continued communication) you may be contacted through these platforms - including but not limited to Phone number, Social media, other Messaging Services (such as WhatsApp, Messenger etc). Otherwise, any communication is strictly for necessary purposes: to update on applicable rules changes to the law, GDPR and your privacy, applicable national laws. For these purposes you may be contacted via any provided information (Email, Telephone and Text messages, etc).

7. Data subject rights

GDPR ensures Visitors have data subject rights, and individuals are free to exercise their rights listed below:

- Right to be informed: Individuals have the right to know what data is being collected, how it's being used, whether it's being shared with any third parties and how long it will be kept for.

- Right of access: Individuals may request a copy of all data information kept on them.

- Right of rectification: Individuals may correct and amend data on them that is incomplete or inaccurate.

- Right to be forgotten: Individuals can request that any personal data on them is erased.

- Right of portability: Individuals can request that the data stored on them can be transferred to another company.

- Right to restrict processing: Individuals can request to limit the way their personal data is used.

- Right to object: Individuals have the right to object certain types of processing, such as marketing, etc.

- Rights related to automated decision making: Individuals can request a copy of automated data if they believe it is being processed unlawfully.

8. How can site Visitors withdraw consent?

If you no longer want your data to be processed, please contact ryan[at] Once you have submitted a request to view, amend or delete your data, the action will be sent to Wix to process. Wix will action this within 48 hours of receipt of request. If requesting to view your data, it will be sent to you after Wix’s 48 hours window. If requesting to delete your data, you will be notified after Wix’s 48 hour window that it has been successful. Your Email and any remaining information (needed to notify you of this process) will then also be immediately deleted.

Privacy policy updates

Please review this Privacy Policy frequently as we reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon posting on this website. If you are a Visitor of this site and have shared your details, and if any significant changes to this policy are made, you will be notified.

Questions or to access Your Personal Information

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or in accordance with GDPR would like access to any of your personal information we may have, please contact ryan[at]

This Privacy Policy is kept under regular review. Last updated April 2021.

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